Digital Matchback

Digital Matchback® is a revolutionary service that provides our customers with a CMX 3600 list for TV Shows on tape, live sporting events, concerts and speeches . We use technology to eliminate expensive and time-consuming eye matching from the process. The result is that our customers enjoy a more economical solution in a fraction of the time.

  • Diligent Matchback quickly and efficiently matches aired masters back to the original film. The image recognition algorithms match and locate the specific frames of original camera negative (OCN) and deliver a HD cmx3600edl. Target customers are content owners of TV Series, Movies-of-the-Week, Documentaries and Specials. Our background is in post production and software programming. Its solution provides a complete migration from video to HD using the OCN. Digital Matchback® has successfully matched 500+ episodes and delivered cmx3600edls for HD repurposing.

  • Diligent can use our system internally to match your shows. We receive the aired master and a copy of the dailies that have been telecined with visible timecode. We can use a standard copy in the form of a .mov file.

  • For Live Events, we now offer the ability for you to use our system in your office. All of the material stays in your office and nothing is transmitted to the outside world. We build a custom workstation that is self contained with all the code and software needed to match your Event. We will bring the workstation(s) to your office and complete a full training regiment with you before handing off the system. Multiple systems can work on the same event simultaneously.

  • Flat Rate Pricing
    Reliablility and Accurate Schedule to Completion
    Ability to locate 'Shot' regardless of Season when filmed
    Film Lab Agnostic
    Green Screen
    Multi-layered shots
    Speed Changes
    Flipped shots
    OCR reading of Timecode
    cmx3600 EDL
    Exception reports

H D / Ultra H D - Opportunity

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Diligent Services specializes in applying technology to TV repurposing projects (Std Def Content to HD and/or Ultra HD). We designed workflow with the utmost recognition that the OCN is fragile and irreplaceable. Our Digital Matchback® solution embraces our clients’ business requirement to maximize “speed to market”. We are located in the New York metro area and work with Clients and Partners on both coasts.

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Charles McMullin

A seasoned executive with more than 25 years of senior management experience. His positions include: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Directors for public and private companies. Mr. McMullin's focus on operations and sales has resulted in significant growth in revenue and earnings. He is an advocate of a strong technology infrastructure as a foundation to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Herbert Mischel

An expert developer with more than 20 years of experience. His technical expertise is complimented by experience in the post-production field of the film industry with a focus on video and film for restoration purposes. Mr. Mischel's technical experience involved advanced database and computer decision applications. Development projects range from complex derivative and qauntitative trading programs to database design, support and management of global information systems

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